What if I told you?

What if I told you,
 That sometimes in the night,
I can’t go to sleep,
Thinking about you.

I try my very best,
To forget about the rest,
To put everything behind,
And go back to slumber.
When I still can't do the same,
I sit by my balcony,
And look at the stars,
Wondering, where you are today?

There are so many stars above,
And yet I know,
That the one shining the brightest
Should most probably be you.

I know that I promised,
That I will move on,
But what can I do,
When my heart's still stuck on you.

Do I really have to move on,
Without you, I wonder,
Can't I just forge ahead,
With you, overlooking me?

I know this may sound crazy,
But I know, I can spend,
The rest of my life,
With memories you left behind.

Who says, I need somebody?
Who says, I am not strong?
Sometimes, it takes more courage,
To battle it out single handily.

So don't worry about me anymore,
Those sleepless night,
Will eventually stop,
But my love for you won’t.

And that’s a promise I make to you,
My shining star, No matter
How tough life will be,
I too shall shine my brightest.

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. A simple but deeply touching poem.

    1. It is touching, cause these are emotions heart felt...

  2. Very nice piece of writing.
    If you can touch the readers heart with your writing then you are an artist and you have done this in this poem which is simply "fabullous."

    I will be a regular visitor of your blog.

    Ashish kumar



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