Beautiful Eyes...

I saw a girl staring at me,
And all I wondered was about her eyes.
Beautiful, like I had never seen,
And then I realised There was a girl standing in front of me.

The girl seemed so angry.
I was making too much noise in a library,
And she couldn’t study.
I wanted to say something back.

But I couldn’t.
Her eyes kept me silent.
I thought whether I should speak to her,
But with what had just occurred, I just sat still.

I waited everyday for those eyes,
Searched every corner for those eyes,
But couldn’t find them at all.
I kept thinking about them all.

So expressive and yet so calm.
So stern and yet so simple.
I think I fell in love,
With just a stare.

I was just waiting,
When I saw the familiar Gaze again,
See was angry again at me,
I didn’t care, I saw my angel in front of me.

I didn’t have any complains,
I went across to her,
She looked more beautiful, when she was angrier.
Well, that was just the beginning of our story....

- A Poem By Fizz



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