I look at a picture of me and you together,
And now it remains just that - a pic.
What happened between you and me is something I can’t really figure out,
Was it me or really you that we didn’t realise that we weren’t made for each other?

I remember the times, when we sat talking together,
The world didn’t matter to us.
The times when we danced on the music,
I thought the floor really did catch fire.

I remember the times, when you came across,
And acted just like a kid,
I thought you needed a shoulder to cry on,
There besides you was me.

I remember the times, I was really sad,
Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned,
You were always beside me, catching my hand,
I miss you so much, I think the pieces of my heart are too many.

I wait for you to tell me the truth, each day,
In front of me are proofs of your betrayal.
And yet I think you do not have the guts to tell me the truth,
Don’t worry, I am stronger than you think, I am...

- A Poem by Fizz


  1. Very strong words indeed. Good going.
    Loved the part "Was it me or really you that we didn’t realise that we weren’t made for each other?" Has happened to me!

  2. Well, pics can be deceiving nowadays with Photoshop in place. Nice post Fizaah, this reveals the strength of a girl.

    1. Jay... Yup, pics can be deceiving...But we girls do have a so called 6th sense as well.

    2. :) :) :)....Oh and what is this sixth sense used for?
      Have you been successful in using it?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ranita...
      You have a lovely name. What does it mean?

  4. true ,i ditto Jay emotional pc of work , keep going :)

  5. Great poetry, emotional in a stable sort of way. Sad though.

  6. Hmmm only those who have gone through it can know the pain .. I would like to ask the same question sometime from someone ..

    but then life teaches us a lot , is it worth asking even now ?


    1. Nope...You somehow already know the answer. You just need her to confirm it... It won't change the past at all.

  7. Replies
    1. :) Indu....Thanks a lot... The credit goes to my other silent partner...



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