Crazy In Love...

People blame me for being shady,
But I have always been "crazy in love",
I ask them to tell me that am I crazy to be in love?
Love is such a wonderful thing,
It makes me sing loudly in the rain. 

I have sat up late to know his story,
And then got up early to give him tea,
I have fought with everyone who cares,
And cried about when nobody cared.
And each time, we didn’t get along,There was a break up and a few little sobs,
Nothing in the world could ever break me,
So in a month or two,
I was back -"crazy in Love".

People blame me for being shady,
But I have always been "crazy in love",
I have never told a lie or cheated any one,
I have never robbed a bank or betrayed anyone. 

I have never dated a married man,
Or never broken somebody’s vows,
So why do people blame me?
When all it is I search love. 

Is it bad to search love to last forever?
I want love that will last even when there are scars on my face,
If that means to keep on searching,
Well, then wish me luck, cause that’s what I will keep on doing. 

I don’t really care what people say,
Cause finding the right one, will all be worth it,
So even when people blame me for being shady,
I just don’t care, cause I am crazy in love.

- A Poem by Fizz.


  1. but then love is crazy :) when we fall in love we love them no matter what or who they are ..

    so its good to be crazy in love :)


    1. May be/May be not...
      These are the views of a Poet... I think they take a different role each time. :)

  2. Love gets you like that, enjoyed your madness :)

    1. I am glad that you are enjoying with us...
      Good to see you back.... :)

  3. Pls visit this link...

  4. carry on with ur is worthy to search a love that lasts for ever..loveddd it so much..



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