The Girl who sneezed....

Aanchu! She sneezed,
I said, "God Bless",
And though I had known
Her for years now.

Never had she appeared,
So Sick and Beautiful!
"Cold", she said, "does that to me",
But cold in summer was something I didn't know.

With her pink handkerchief,
She rubbed her red nose,
For in her misery too,
She looked cuter and cuter.

The cold had made me realize,
How I wanted to cuddle her in my arms,

And save her from the chill,
And somehow her pains seemed to hurt me too.

Aachu! She sneezed again,
And I wanted to punch the cold,
For doing this to her,
And then she pinched me.

"You forgot to say - God Bless you"
She said angrily,
I gazed at her and asked,
"Will you marry me?"

And then she smiled and nodded a yes,
And asked me about the ring,
"I didn't have one", so I said,
Will a jacket do? And gave her that instead.

Who knew,
How a cold could change my Heart,
And make me fall in love,
With a girl who sneezed a lot!!!!

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. OK, that's weird. So the first one wasn't a fluke. Keep firing.

    1. Shovonc....You bet...Do check out the other poems as well...
      Life is never a fluke...Either we have it or not...

  2. @nice imagination of cold love

  3. I appreciate the style you word your thoughts and run your imaginations.This means, Yeah I read your previous poems too.
    Coming to this poem,I totally enjoyed funny word-plays: cold & summer.This poem is lovely till before "will you marry me". And a better selection of words and coherency in imagination could this poem even more lovelier and great!!

    Btw, there are some weird things that are confusing. You said, the gave her a sweater for a ring(Nice thought). But, summer is the climate you portrayed here. How could someone would wear a sweater in summer?. This poem would be more appealing if you have tried explaining the bleakness of love with winter. A slight emotional tinge was apparently missing in this poem.

    Looking for more nice works from you.
    pistaboy! :)

    1. Hey Pistaboy!!!!

      I like the name, its different.

      I know that a better selection of words would add to the coherency in imagination, but I write what comes to my mind. You can blame me for simplicity, but I like it that way.

      Thanks for making me realize the logic of the sweater. I have however changed it to a Jacket, cause a Jacket is something one can wear in any weather...

      I am looking forward to more feedback from you....


  4. A different style.Nice and Mushy. No matter what true love never fails and perhaps this says to me that you will never stop admiring their beauty even during their distress....

    1. I think what I want to portray here is a different kind of Love. The romantic type....

  5. jacket for a ring makes more sense then the ring itself, your luv is not devoid of life and its facts, when luv is care its pure, i believe u worded 'care' in simplest and beautiful way,

    1. Well put - Unlike bark...
      Cant thank you enough for these kind words of yours. :)



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