The Horror.

There is darkness all around,
You are sitting in a corner,
And I know something’s,

I switch on the lights,
And can see the horror,
On your face,
I realize soon enough.

That the darkness,
Has seeped into you,
And no matter how,
Bright it is now.

You shall for some time,
Be in this darkness,
I can feel your pain,
And as you walk besides me.

I am thinking of all,
My options,
Should I run, Should I stay,
Should I leave you forever?

But I know that without,
Any help, you might not,
Survive this darkness,
I don’t want you to commit suicide.

"Run away", you say,
I reply in the negative,
You scream even louder,
Helpless I am, but I won’t listen.

I can see the rage in your eye,
You try to push me away,
I beg, I cry,
"Let me be with you.

I don't mind the darkness,
As long as I am with you,
I will face all the devils,
And all the horrors. Just let me be".

You look at my face and weep,
The agony is within you, I feel,
But even you realise,
That without me, you shall die.

You lay your head in my lap,
And sleep like a baby,
I shall fight,
Till this darkness last.

~A Poem By Fizz

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