I Wish You Miss Me Too...

I gave you too much pain,
You too broke my heart,
But even when you are no longer a part of my life,
I miss you a lot.

I know I said, I didn't want to see your face,
But I didn't mean it that way,
Why couldn't we both control our angers?
Why couldn’t we just keep quite?

You were my Best Friend, my best pal,
How can a few misunderstandings,
Change our years of friendship,
How can we just not be friends?

Each and every day of my life,
Has been spent being your best friend,
Being there, when you laughed,
Being your shoulder, when you cried.

I was there all throughout college,
And was there when you got your first job,
The way we partied all night for,
Our birthdays and bitched against everyone.

Sorry is what I want to tell you,
But I guess I am not so strong,
I wish you would understand and,
Just forget everything.

I know I miss you,
I just wish you miss me too,
Yours truly and sincerely,
Best Friend.

- A Poem by Fizz


  1. The pain of losing an old friend well portrayed in this post.
    Even though we're speaking of miss, the case applies to a Mr. :p
    (btw which company did the friend get placed in? :D)

    1. Its completely fiction.
      I think I need to start writing the reasons for each poem too...

    2. You're quite intuitive, picking up on your own....:):):)
      That would be a lovely addition :D

    3. Yes...I love the reactions that my mind does... :)
      I would love to add that...But i like to leave something for the interpretation of your mind as well, Jay. And anyways, you can always ask me...

    4. The mind is a storehouse of reactions :)
      Ahh, yes, but then again interpretations can be quite different for different people.
      On the other hand, you should also receive good amount of keyboard practice :) :) :)

    5. Hahaha...I already do get enough keyboard practice...

    6. Yes, very true, with the advent of technology, we are becoming more and more inclined to using keyboards or touch screens. I think handwriting will become a forgotten art soon.

    7. I Hope not, Jay... I love writing by hand... :)



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