The Kind of Companion, I want

Sitting on a singles table,
At my best friends wedding,
Made me wonder,
Are my expectations too unclear?

All I want in my man,
Is to understand,
The kind of girl that,
I am.

A man so caring,
And loving,
Who doesn't question,
My every move.

But if I ever get so late,
He calls me to check,
If everything's,

At times, help with the cooking,
Or some other household work,
And never make me realize,
How hard he has to work for me.

He should have a sense of humour,
So that when he laughs,
He makes me,
Wanna laugh too.

With him I wouldn’t feel foolish,
Acting like a kid,
He would understand my,

I don't want him to,
Solve my problems,
But lend me a ear,
When I tend to have them.

We could have our,
Language to speak,
And if we fought,
He would still get over it.

Love is what,
Would bind us together,
Love would be what’s,
Reflected in his eyes for me.

No, I don’t think,
I am being unrealistic,
Every girl deserves someone,
Why should I be any different?

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. You can sing a song on these lines. Too good Fiz

    1. Well, I guess you can...Thanks for the insight...

  2. good one ..I hope you get your Mr perfect !

  3. don't want him to,
    Solve my problems,
    But lend me a ear,
    When I tend to have them ....Reminded me of the chapter in Men are From Mars Women are from Venus on Mr.Fix-Its ..Have you read the book? The very basic difference they say b/w men and women is that women like discussing their problems with loved ones...They dont need a solution, just a listening ear...Men go to others with their problems only when they need a solution...So when a woman talks to a man about her problems, he takes it in his perspective and tries offering solutions once he thinks he is done listening ha ha.. ... :D

    1. Hey Jaish, You are right about the "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" part...I have read that book. But the book only gave words to the thoughts I always had...

      I enjoyed reading the book though, It did give me a better understanding to Men as well as Women... And looks like it did the same for you too....

  4. nice lines...I just got married & can relate to most of it...Thanks for the nice lines

    1. Parry, wish you and Mrs. Arora all the best for the journey you both are on... :)

  5. Simple yet elegant Fizaah. Nice one.
    Every girls dream. I wish to make this dream come alive to my woman. :)

    1. Thanks Mak,
      I am sure you will...At least, now you know what a girl really needs.... :)

  6. It's a pretty poem. And very dil se. *Applause*

  7. Quite a thoughtful and clearly written post. You have described your to-be pretty nicely.
    Now, the question is, how many have you been able to find in a single person till now? any progress? :) :) :)

    1. Hahaha... Nice question. Do you you mean to say that such men dont exist?

    2. Well, I didn't say they don't exist but finding so many qualities in a single person can be quite difficult and also depends on the situation. Whatsay? :)

    3. Yup, it is difficult. But not impossible. I am being positive. :)

    4. Ahh, in today's times, positiveness is all that a person can ensure. (Anyways mission impossible has already had 4 sequels :p :p :p, time for Mission Difficult :D)

  8. wonderful poem..wonderful thoughts

  9. बेहद खूबसूरत और सरल अंदाज.....एक कविता या कहें प्रार्थना याद आ गई..कई जगह देखी होगी आपने.....मैंने भगवान से ये मांगा.उसने वो दिया.मैने ये मांगा..उसने ये दे दिया....मैंने जो मांग वो नहीं मिला....पर भगवान ने वो दिया जिसकी मुझे जरुरत थी....



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