I look in silence,
As the evil approaches,
Knowing not my fate,
Will lead to.

Will I die?
Will I survive?
Or will it take away,
With it my spirit to fight?

I wanna pray,
But by now,
My faiths disappeared,
And all I believe is in me.

I wanna run,
But how far will I escape?
Knowing that I will,
Soon be caught.

My fear's increasing,
And suddenly I feel,
So calm inside,
Like something I have never felt before.

I look ahead,
The devils here,
I wait for the inevitable,
But no longer afraid.

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. Ahh...the view described by a person standing right in front of a tidal wave...must be a very humbling experience, looking something so huge and grand in the eye...
    Great lines. That calls for a 'Join this site'
    :) :) :)
    Keep posting :D

  2. Thanks Jai, I was wondering what you were about to say next... Well, I will look forward to your feedbacks... :)

    1. Ohh, so you were expecting me to say something?
      something more, perhaps? :)

    2. Maybe....I expected you to ask me if I had experienced it?

    3. You mean you have experienced it? You've seen the tsunami coming?

    4. No, I have not. But I did try to imagine it. But I was expecting you to ask about it... Cause on the last poem, you asked about something similar...so.

    5. That is good imagination, I must say.
      Well, like they say, Expectations can lead to a set of quite queer events and actions :)
      The Element of surprise :D



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