What Would You Do?

What would u do when u found out
That life wasn’t what it seemed to be,

What would u do,
When u know u love someone and it’s hard for u to tell,
When your own life is being destroyed by your ego,
When your child is suffering before your eyes.

What would you do,
When u want to be close to your loved one, but that isn’t an option,
When you got the money, but no one around to spend it on,
When u hear someone in pain, and all u can do is watch.

What would you do,
When u are shouted upon a mistake u didn’t do,
When u are sitting alone in a park,
When u fought with a friend, and she/he wont talk to u,
When u missed an important event cause your work kept u away.

What would you do,
When a sorry cannot delete the pain that someone gave you,
When u waited for something all your life, and it was handed to someone else, just in front of you,
When one doesn't see your tears, but they always hear u scream,
When u had the appetite but not the food.

What would you do,
When Happiness is all u wanted, but that’s not what u get,
When u realise the dreams u pursued all this while, was just not the one meant for u,
When u have crossed the bridge and u realise u are standing at the wrong end.

What would you do??????

I sit about thinking what Life was, is and will be,
But what would I do, when I realise that all that is left in me is not what I thought I had to be,
Every place that I go, speaks and tells me a different story,
Some stories similar to me.
I think about a Soldiers Wife and I look upon his parents,
They still have the hope some day
Their son will return.
In front of all this, I think my problems seem too small.

What would I do I ask myself,
I pray and pray and just do what seems to be right,
Hoping that tomorrow will bring a better future and everything will be FINE.

- A Poem by Fizz


  1. What would i do , I will go and LIVE MY LIFE and stop worrying about others .. its far better to smile and live rather then think about all this and live :)


    1. I wish my mind was such....I guess then I would not be able to read this or any other poem of mine.... Thanks for the read though... :)



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