I Don't Wanna Die...

I don’t wanna die,
I still have my whole life in front of me,

Lying beside the road, I can feel no pain,
Just the people moving around me, trying to help,
I recall my life gone by,

I have a family waiting for me,
My Parents have come visiting me,
My brother and his wife,

Daniel must be also waiting,
My husband does at times forget,
But I hope today he has reached home on time,

Family get together are tough in today’s time,
Celebrations are always fun,
I always drive safely,
But I guess the other driver was drunk....

I wonder what will happen, when they come to know the truth,
I know they will be crushed,
For parents, they say, it is the most killing thing to see your child die in front of them,
For a brother, whose looked up to his sister, I am happy; His wife is there to help him cope.

I am worried about is Daniel, I think being a single parent will be tough,
Especially, handling a 3 month baby,
Oh my Baby, I will miss his first steps, His calling me -MOM,
His graduation, his marriage....

God give them all the strength,
And me too,
I don’t wanna die,
I still have my whole life in front of me.

- A Poem by Fizz


  1. Poignant.

    We were think these things when we see an accident victim on the road.

    You had reminded us all that it's thinking, feeling human being lying there

  2. Lovely poetry ! It made me feel I was right there..

  3. beautiful fiza! very touchy yet mature. that's a difficult balance to strike.

  4. amazing , amen to that and may we all live our life to the FULLEST ..




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