I Need You Now

Its Saturday night, 
Everyone’s out,
I am the only one at home, 
Waiting for you to return, 
I need you now. 

Times were never so worse before, 
We spent all our time together,
Work was of little importance, 
Where are you? 
Cause I need you now. 

Your work increased, 
You suddenly started disappearing, 
All I could hear were excuses, 
I can’t bear it anymore, 
I need you now. 

Your promises never did hold true, 
I stopped making any plans, 
I couldn’t bear you to just distract, 
I am still hurting, 
I need you now. 

Can you hear me shouting? 
Can you feel my pain? 
What really matters to you? 
Can you really not understand? 
I need you now....

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. Story of the newgen, I guess!

    It's a tough world for them, but they need to adjust and learn to live with these complications & learn to stick with each other in spite of them.

    Nicely expressed.

    1. I wont completely agree with you here, jayadevm... Cause this is a story irrespective of time...
      But yes, the corporate issue is there over here...

      Thanks a lot for your comments...

  2. Could identify with the feelings you wrote about. Nothing lasts forever. Very well written.

  3. Beautiful lines straight from heart....

  4. I loved the lines .. BUT if we have to ASK for someone to look at us or know we need them .. THen we are better of without them ..

    Thats my belief


    1. Relationships are complicated... I guess, you know that more than me.
      And what you are saying is true...But you see, to leave or to let go of a relationship that was once beautiful is very difficult...

  5. just loved it :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Panchali...
      Nice name, by the way... Is there a story to that?

  7. So honest & emotional very touching lines.

    1. Thanks Indu...I look forward to your comments...

  8. Nice.When I read the poem, it almost felt like lyrics of a song. Why don't you check if you can get somebody to sing it...

    1. Well, Nice suggestion... Do you know anyone, who could sing?
      I could try singing, but whenever I do, everyone just runs away... So I dont wanna risk it...



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