Let Me Fly High In The Air

Let me fly in the air,
Don't stop me for I don't care,
All I care is to be free,
To Live above in the highest tree.

For years and years,
I have been made a slave,
And I fought.
And Freedom now I save.

I am proud of my past,
Though it looked like a wicked witches cast,
Many a beloved I have lost,
Being it a very big cost.

Though I have suffered a lot,
I am stronger,
For I am loved,
I am happy for I am free.

But 65 years ago,
I was not so,
I fought, and now we sing,
Many a merry of that day.

I wish to make my land green and gay,
And to see it prosper day by day,
Let me fly high in the air,
For now, I am free, and I have learnt not to care.

Don't worry about my identity,
For I am an Indian!!!
And that's who I am,
And a very Proud one too.

~A Poem By Fizz



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