My Best Friend

Friends come and friends go......
And I would always wonder,
With time moving so fast,
Will I ever be that smart?

I grew up and moved away,
From a place where I had always stayed,
In the new place,
I arrived with a piece of baggage and lots of fear.

Will I ever be accepted,
Me a girl from a small town,
Me and my moderate ways,
Shall I ever find my way......?

As time passed,
I made my place,
But like I said,
People come and people go.

I met a lot of them on my way,
But none like my Best Friend,
To God, I am thankful to this day,
That for me he created this unique person.

I say unique, cause that’s what she is,
She accepted me for who I was,
Over the years,
Our friendship has grown.

When things seemed dark and lost,
It’s our friendship that showed the light,
You ask me why she is the Best?
Well, People generally look at me.

And then they have their assumptions,
How can you know by the looks they thought,
She however tried to know me for who I was,
When A tear fell from my eye.

I knew her’s was the heart that worried the most,
As I write this, I recall all the times that she was there for me,
All I can say is - Thank You to U,
For all the times you have been there.

And also for the ones you haven’t.
For you have made me understand friendship,
And all I pray is with changing time - our friendship will always remain this way -
The Best it can ever be.....

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. Felt very nice after reading your verses dedicated to your friend. Happy Friendship day :)

    1. Happy Friendships Day to you as well...
      But its just to inspire people to tell their friends How much they mean to them....

  2. madam great but should we not, find a small space in the poem

    1. Thank you so much Sir...
      What small space are you talking about?

  3. So sweet, happy friendship day to you :)

    1. Thanks Ghazala....
      And Wish you a Happy Friendships Day too.... :)

  4. U r a lucky person indeed..Happy Friendships Day..

  5. Lovely Poem....Cheers for your Friendship :)



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