Photography and Me!!!

I thought I was just living by, 
Working all day and the days were passing away,
Till someone suggested to me just a hobby, 
I never knew, it would save my sanity.... 

The world I see is so different, 
Blue, Green, Black and Red are just not colours, 
There's so much more to life,
There's a story I needed to tell 

First I had to pick me the tools, 
Which would make my story come alive, 
So I searched and searched, 
And there it was in a lonely den. 

Kept aside, all in black, 
It was so Delicate, A camera in my bag, 
And some confidence in me, 
I was about to change my destiny. 

People couldn’t feel what I felt, 
But that’s something I wouldn’t care, 
I had the determination in me, 
And that was all I wanted everyone to see. 

Something’s caught my vice, 
I had to capture the very essence, 
That was called - Life, 
A click here, a click there. 

Who could have told the story, 
That I was to foretell, 
No one imagined how I could speak, 
Even without words. 

When people look at my picture, 
They can see the artist that is me, 
Some praise me and some do even cry, 
I guess that how I feel alive. 

That’s cause I live thru my Photos, 
They have a different story in each of them, 
Who knew the power I had, But all that is changed, 
My Photos are a part of me and they bring out the best in me.

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. Very beautiful poem on photography....I can relate myself too to this poem!

  2. Ah..what a poem Fizzah! Sooo true..and beautifully expressed:)

  3. awesome ....damn beautiful

  4. Absolutely lovely---indeed, every photograh carries with it a beautiful memory..Very well penned!!

    1. Thank you Panchali.... Its such an encouragement to know that you appreciate the poems and take out time to comment on them...

  5. I agree that Photography helps in retaining the sanity.



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