The Dark Cloud Awaits...

I looked out my window,
And saw the dark clouds hovering over,
Mom said it would rain soon,
So I felt happy that soon we would free,
From all the heat.

But then I looked closer,
And all I could see were the dark clouds,
They didn’t bring any joy to my life,
Somehow everything felt gloomier,
Guess that’s what I was really feeling inside.

In life you take some decisions,
And you have to live by them,
What do you do,
When things aren’t going that well,
And all you can do is stare.

I always believed in working to get,
What you really wanted,
But what do you do,
When things slip from your hand,
Even  when you have worked your hardest.

I always believed in love,
So I confessed my love to a friend,
But what do you do,
When the only reason he can’t think of you is,
The difference between your religion.

I want to shout out loud,
Question my God above,
I feel so much defeated,
Cause all the things I believed in,
Don’t seem to be the right thing.

What do I do,
When the people who you looked unto,
Were people wearing masks,
And when you remove them,
They are worst then what you thought.

I look again at the clouds,
Wondering where the silver lining is,
I can see the lightening and even hear the thunder,
I suddenly feel a drop on my face, and for reasons unknown,
I just begin to smile...

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. The pain is so beautifully portrayed. Believe me time is the only healer.

    1. Hmmm... I do believe you Purple Mist... Time is the only healer!!!!!

  2. I would exclaim. TIME!! The only healing, for a steal heart when broken, is rain. When the world spins with you, we spin with you. A spinning world is Time. A spinning world spins, and spins again, and with you, we spin.

    Rain is an event. It comes. It goes. The spinning will not end. The healing happens around us with every event.

    With you, with you, with you, we are. Put on a steal heart, and paint it with rain, with snow, with the sun, with the night, and paint it with the events that make up every moment.

    Have a Dream of wonder and beauty

    This Happened in My Time:

    If you could say "I love you" one time a day when would that be

    I would say it in the moment

    What's a moment

    I stop, lift my hands, and pause long enough that my mind goes blank

    That's a moment
    It is a time of day when you can't speak because of overwhelming joy

    I love you

  3. The part form September is, yes. Keep your head in the clouds when their around.

    1. Hmmm.... Its fantastic.... Like I said earlier...

  4. Your heart knows the true beauty...wen it is in pain, nothing can cheer it up!!

    1. It sometimes is enriching to feel pain too... Part of growing up.



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