Your Look Says it All!!!!

I know that I haven't been all that good,
And I know that I am not what you want me to be,
But I know you still believe in me,
Your look says it all.

I was a complete mess at 1 time,
Really freaked with Life,
And when I first saw you,
Your Look said it all.

 I knew you saw something,
Which I couldn't see,
Whether it was our future together,
Or something else,

Baby, You are my strength and my hope.
When everyone gave up on me,
I saw you standing beside me,
I knew you wouldn't let go.

Out of a hundred million out there,
You had to choose me,
The Love that you have shown,
Even I couldn't fail me.

I know I will be well 1 day,
I know we will get thru,
Thanks for being there for me,
Thanks for the Look that said it all!!!!

- A Poem By Fizz


    I especially liked the 3rd last paragraph, it is so sweet and hopeful.

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  2. This is so nice, full of positive attitude and Hope..

    and all we need to get through anything is that HOPE..


    1. I agree with you Bikramjit....
      Hope, Love and Understanding to take us through all our diificulties



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