A Journey I Would Take

Not wanting to travel,
I refused to attend,
A friend’s wedding.
I made all the excuses,
But no one agreed,
Why would they?
It’s not all the,
Traveling that I hate,
It’s my fear to go all by myself,
That I despised.

And a route I didn’t know,
Only made it worse.
So I took a train,
And on my way,
I saw a mountain - huge,
And there in its shadow,
Were thousands of houses,
Each with a different colour,
It was as if some message,
They were telling me.

On reaching, I went ahead,
And celebrated the joining of two hearts.
But while returning,
It started to rain heavily.
And I started to sulk,
Cursing it all, when I came across the giant again.
It however appeared more beautiful,
Small streams of water gushing by,
I saw small children playing by its side,
Now this - I call Life!!!!!

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. Nice poem.
    Loved the way you put in.
    Liked :)

  2. Nice poem. I like how life reminds us that just because we can only see the negatives it doesn't mean positive is not all around us.

  3. Good one.
    I'm glad to have discovered your blog! You have a new regular visitor :)

    1. So Glad to hear that Sudha....
      A warm Welcome from the team of The Poets Alley.



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