A Journey I Would Take

Not wanting to travel,
I refused to attend,
A friend’s wedding.
I made all the excuses,
But no one agreed,
Why would they?
It’s not all the,
Traveling that I hate,
It’s my fear to go all by myself,
That I despised.

And a route I didn’t know,
Only made it worse.
So I took a train,
And on my way,
I saw a mountain - huge,
And there in its shadow,
Were thousands of houses,
Each with a different colour,
It was as if some message,
They were telling me.

On reaching, I went ahead,
And celebrated the joining of two hearts.
But while returning,
It started to rain heavily.
And I started to sulk,
Cursing it all, when I came across the giant again.
It however appeared more beautiful,
Small streams of water gushing by,
I saw small children playing by its side,
Now this - I call Life!!!!!

~ A Poem By Fizz



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