I Am Making My Escape

Today, I am gonna fly away,
And you may wonder,
How did you let me go?

All those years of negligence,
Of all the times,
You took me for granted.

You thought, I didn’t say a lot,
But, you were not listening,
When I was complaining.

I was hoping, you would notice,
That I needed Love,
That I was wilting away.

I am making my escape,
And No! You cannot stop me anymore.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. Sad but a good one!

  2. straight from the heart-i loved these 2 lines
    But, you were not listening,
    When I was complaining.

  3. Hey Fizz if you run in the wind, would you let me call you Frizz?

    I was thinking on this line this afternoon-to run away-to leave all my things for a long walkabout. In Colorado this fall we have a summer extension. The sun is too bright to look to keep the eyes of people here from looking within.

    I have found many things so far inside I did not know were present.

    The best hearts go clunk,

    Jeffrey O-Brien

    1. Jeff, I like the sound of Frizz!!!!!

      I would love to know when the weather changes in Colorado.... :)

    2. I am glad you like the wind in your hair fizz.

      the weather in Colorado changes every five minutes for wind sun and rain, every five hours for storms, and every five days for extreme weather like heat and snow and cold.

      The weather has changed now we are getting peaceful sunny days and rain in the night and evenings or afternoons.


    3. Jeff, (Can I call you that?)

      Oh wow!!!! The weather of Colorado sounds very MOODY!!!!!
      How are the temperatures there?


  4. U had given words to my feelings...bt i dnt knw whether i'll b able 2 escape or not..

    1. You will escape... And I know you can do it, you just need to be STRONGER. I know it is easier said than done... but BELIEVE in yourself. DON'T GIVE UP.



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