I have a Dream

I have a dream,
A song to sing, 
To let you know, 
I am not afraid. 

I know that somewhere out there, 
There’s life waiting for me, 
All I have to do is,
Let go off my fear. 

I believe in myself,
I think, I can do better than myself, 
I have a dream, 
To be something. 

To be someone, 
Who is not afraid. 

When I see the lights shining by, 
I have a calling, somewhere close by. 
All I have to be is stay strong, 
The rest I guess will come around. 

To be alone in a crowded street, 
Its been tough to be standing still, 
I have tried hard to take a stand, 
I know I am growing tall, I know I am standing tall. 

Even when It becomes dark at times, 
I know I must not be afraid, 
I have a dream, 
A song to tell. 

Someday ahead I will sing it, 
So be aware. 
I believe in myself, 
I am going be something, Cause I have a dream.

- A Poem By Fizz



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