The Damsel Song

I belonged to you,
Till one day, you set me free,
Sometimes it just too hard,
To fight with destiny...

A lonely forest was surrounding me,
I was dreaming when you let me lie,
When I got up in a shock was I,
In such a situation I thought I would die.

I waited for some time,
Hoped you would return to me,
But I guess it was not, 
How it was supposed to be.

I moved on and tried a new theory,
With me as a damsel, searching for a knight,
Tired and disappointed, no one arrived,
Is that the way I wanted my story?

When a knight did finally arrive,
He was not a bit like you,
He tried and tried to set me free,
But he was not as strong as thee.

Discouraged he left me there,
A friend came along,
Trying to show me the pathway,
Too tired was I to resist, so I just followed through.

I look in the mirror now,
There’s someone looking back at me,
I cannot recognize myself,
The time has struck its venom trap.

I ask the magic mirror to show me thy face,
When I see you now, Its just a different case,
I realized that I had spent my life,
Trying to chase a ghost.

A person whose reflection I loved,
But who in reality has turned to be someone else,
I am older and wiser now,
Your love I do not seek.

When I look back upon the time,
There seems to be just one regret,
I should have left your memory go,
Not tried to fight my destiny.

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. :) Happens to most of the people I think..!!

  2. Optimism in sadness for young lady.

  3. Fizz certain phases of life are difficult-then it gets better too.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Indu... A big virtual hug from me to you...

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Panchali...
      BTW you still haven't told me the meaning of your name...

  5. Nicely written bt jst wonders is true love can end dis way too....put a ? In front of me..i felt like as if i m d damsel waiting 4 my Knight whom i knw will never cm..i m waiting knowing dat dis is stupidity bt still i m..

    1. True Love can also be 1 sided. Thats when the problem arises. When we Love someone as much as we do and there is nothing or very little on the other side. But we are blinded by our own love for the other person to see all this.

      Same here. But I am hoping that he will come, otherwise, not only am i stuck to the tree, i may end up being tied to a hapless marriage, where I might just be stuck to a dead bark, who doesn't understand me. I fear that more. So BELIEVE.... And no, its not stupidity at all. Its What you want.

    2. P.S: I wish I could give you a BIG HUG for being this way. You are not alone.

    3. Thanx life isnt going to b as sweet as u..

    4. I am sure it is not. But I also believe that with every experience you become stronger. So here hoping that you get the strength to fight and face everything that life has to challenge you with.

      P.S: Do stay in touch...



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