Crying Together!!!!

I was walking by,
Back from my work,
Tired and really worn out,
It was a long way,
And all I wanted was to be home.

While strutting,
I first met a friend,
He seemed a bit unhappy,
I asked him why,
He gave a sigh, and this is his story.

"I loved a girl once, with all my soul,
I gifted her my heart,
She thought it was a toy, and played with it.
It still hurts as I go around gathering the pieces,
Of my heart"

My oh my,
What a problem it was,
A broken heart,
Science didn’t make a medicine,
For a problem like that.

Well, I did try to tell,
"What a Heartless witch,
The stupid girl" was,
But stopped midway,
Cause I was hurting him this way.

I tried even harder,
But he didn’t really smile.
I tried a joke, some silly story.
A chapter of love from history.
But no - no - no, the guy just wouldn’t smile.

I tried all I could, but even singing couldn’t help,
So I sat beside him, and started to cry instead.
He came close to me and asked me why I cried.
While I told him about his pain,
All he did was still cry.

Then all of a sudden, he got up and gave a smile.
He said he was foolish to act the way he did,
But only in pain, one does realize how much others care.
He promised to be cheerful, as he said goodbye.
And I went home walking, not wanting to cry.

A broken heart hurts a lot, but there’s still a life to live,
Not a person or a thing ever did stop,
Just because one was broken instead.
People will come, and people will go.
Its just memories to cherish and let things go.

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. Very true,, I like the vivid description....

  2. A very touching post. Lot of grief & sorrow portrayed through words. Did this happen to one of your friends?



    1. Hey Jay, where were you missing for so many days?

      Its a true story...Yes, and one that is very close to my heart...

    2. Hmmm... Dont put too much pressure on yourself. Its OK. Everybody goes through it. Me too, included.

      Update me, when it is broken...

  3. Awwww...its so lovely, with all heart, this one is soooo cute!

  4. "People will come, and people will go
    Its just memories to cherish and let things go."

    So true!!

  5. nice poem, meaningful and light :)



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