A cup of hot tea,
And some bhajiyas.
Life can be so much fun,
When it rains.

Walking thru the water,
And making paper boats.
Rains somehow always bring out the child in me.

The loud thundering at night,
And the constant lightening,
Under the blanket I still shudder and hide.

Rains bring out the happiness,
Guys playing football.
All soaked in mud,
They say playing such was never so much fun.

The slight drizzle, 
Me and my umbrella,
Walking together
Everything so green.

Some people might not agree,
But I really don’t wanna argue.
Sometimes even I curse the rains.

But the smell of the mud after the first shower,
And a look at the waterfalls.
Eating hot butta,
Getting wet.

Dancing in the rain,
Splashing water on my friends,
Hell, I just remembered,
How much I love the rains.

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. I like Joy poems.

    Do write more for when I show up to look.

    1. Like I said, the next one will be just for you!!!!!

      BTW, there is a whole lot of emotions on this blog. You can select Joy and read those poems as well. I am attaching the link...




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