Sing Me A Happy Song

Sing me a happy song,
So that I can match it with a ecstatic dance,
To spread along my euphoria to the world around me.

You say that today is a gloomy day,
I say lets sing and dance together,
Maybe you will see clearer with the rose tinted vision.

Lets together spread some joy,
So come, let’s just be jolly,
Forget the world and create our very own merry land.

I know that this may sound silly,
And there's so much to worry,
But just for some time lets fail to remember all the pain.

Lets sing a happy song, a blithe time,
And let’s make a paragon for others to follow.
Let’s sing a Happy Song - T-O-D-A-Y.

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. It is very difficult to overcome gloominess. But the effort is worthwhile. It will bring cheers all around! Good poem.

  2. Very nice....beautifully written!

  3. What a cheerful poem! Can make anyone sing a happy song. Lovely!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

    1. Hoping that it will inspire you to sing!!!! It made me sing too... Alas!!!! I cannot sing though... :(

  4. I love this poem ..i love to dance like you at given point...and sing a happy song..but..but ....i forget ....Just i sing a hindi film song .... गीत गाता हूं मैं .गुनगुनाता हूं मैं..मैने हंसने का वादा किया था कभी इसलिए अब सदा मुस्कुराता हूं में.....Thanks for this lovly poem

    1. Waah, kya baat hai... You reminded us all of a fantastic song!!!!!



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