Bang Bang Bang!!!!


The only thing I wanna change in me is you,
I don’t want you anymore in my life,
Cause you cheat, cause you lie,
Cause you make my mind go - BANG BANG BANG.

You thought you go on living this way,
Making me await day by day,
I was waiting for you to change the way you treated me,
No matter what I said, you just couldn't see.

I am not gonna be crying anymore,
I gave you chances and you blew it away,
No words will heal the pain.

You look hurt, you never knew,
Even I had a heart who screamed aloud,
I need some space, to find myself,
Cause you made me lose it all.

Take your things, take your life,
And never come back. Cause I ain't taking you in.
The doors are shut, the windows too,
Cause you made my mind go - BANG BANG BANG.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. this s wt happens wen a gal takes a upper hand..:)

  2. When relationship stops nurturing your lives and becomes a burden, it is better to let it go. Nicely expressed

  3. Replies
    1. I guess so too... But pain hurts a lot, in whichever form... :)

  4. Beautiful poem expressing the pain in relationships. I liked it :)

  5. Hi Fizz,

    It's great to be at your blog.

    Wow, I really enjoyed your poem. It conveyed very powerful emotions expressed when one partner treats another badly.

    1. Hi Hiten,

      First of all, thanks for joining with us on facebook and indiblogger... Its always feels nice to be appreciated. I hope we get to see more of you... :)



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