I Won't Give Up

I won’t give up,
Not so easily on life,
Cause you have reminded me,
The reason to smile.

For some time now,
I had a life of isolation,
All I could see,
Was the bitterness all around.

Poverty, Disabilities,
Lie and Betrayal,
Made me feel more sadness,
I had lost the meaning to life.

My faith was gone,
All hope had drowned,
I was living a life,
Of total chaos.

That is till you,
Showed me the right path,
You unfurled to me,
The beauty in me.

You restored my faith,
So now, every time,
I feel my confidence shaking,
I still fight on.

And though you are,
No longer there with me,
I remember,
All that you taught me.

I made a promise to you,
And to myself,
That I won’t give up,
Not so easily on life.

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. its really nice ....this is best way to live life...nicely written..

  2. I liked it ending on a positive thought. Life is too precious to be turned down for anything! Thumbs up!!

    1. I like the positivity too... And thanks for your constant feedback... I look forward to it always... :)

  3. A really inspiring poem ... loved it !!!

  4. Inspiring lines truly depicting what life is all about... great poem dear..

  5. Very well written, vivid in description.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Ghazala... Was missing your feedback... :)



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