There's A Child Out There

There's a child out there,
Whose afraid of the people,
Says, he doesn't want to live this way.

I say, then its time to let go of your fear....
How long will you be so scared?
Someday, I wont be there.

Wake up, its not too late,
The world is not so bad,
Its got a better side too.

But you won't realize.
Till you become stronger,
And walk alone.

So, I start to clap,
And I see the baby walk by himself...

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. I hope and wish all those children who are afraid find a good person who will clap then to come out and face the world


    1. I hope and wish the same too... :)
      BTW, you were missing for a long time... I hope everything is Ok.

  2. beautiful thought penned down beautifully..


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