Wont My Momma Be So Proud?

Won't my Momma be so proud?
Her son is finally home today,
I can still hear the celebration aloud.

For every other season, that I have been missing,
Spending time away drinking and partying,
People tried to call, I couldn't be bothered.

But its different this time,
To my senses I am,
And in search of forgiveness.

So I packed up my bag and ran home,
Everyone’s surprised and questioning my daftness,
But all I seek is solace.

There gonna be loads of prayers and happy cheer,
Delicious food and clothes to wear,
Rangoli on the door and Diyas on the balcony.

Helping with the chores had already begun,
I am trying to be an ideal son,
So what if, I have made mistakes?

So what if I was too carefree?
All that matters now is my family,
And it’s Diwali, so I have already burnt the demon in me.

With lots of love I move forward,
To fulfill all the promise I have vowed, So for this New Year,
I am beginning a new life, won't my momma be so proud?

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. homecoming full of hope and promise, very well written!

    1. Thank you Meenakshi!!!!! And wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali from all of us here...

  2. Nice portrayal of the lost one coming home.

    1. Thanks Indu... In fact, it is inspired by a true story.



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