You've Got Mail

I write a small prose,
And then still quite unsure,
I send the mail,
Did I do this right,
Well, its already too late.

I go off to sleep,
But a few hours of restless sleep,
And I want to check my mail,
Will she write back, I ask,
Well, its still a bit early.

So I go back to sleep,
Early morning,I look out the window,
Everything seems to be just fine,
So I start up the net,
Well, its taking too much time.

It was just another day,
We had exchanged a lot of emails,
I think I was already in love,
So with great courage, I finally asked her out,
Well, I hope she says a yes.

So I stare at the comp,
It says "You've Got Mail",
I wonder what she will reply,
What if she isn't interested at all,
Well, that would be devastating.

They say, love is crazy,
And I never felt like this before,
So I open the mail, and on the very last line,
Is the answer to our destiny,
Well, She said, "I thought you would never ask"

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. dilemma of feeling called love very well put! nice

  2. Your poem took me down memory lane ;)

    1. Hey Medha, I think, then it did the trick... ;)
      So, How does your story go?

  3. Love is not only crazy but blind too. Actual life begins where love ends!

  4. awww...the last line is heart breaking. Beautiful...

  5. love ...hmmm its a beautiful feeling !

  6. :) romatic and now I hope she says YES :) toooo


  7. "Been there, done that!" :)

    But that isn't important ... you turned it into a poem, I didn't.

    Diehard romantic and badly smitten too! :)

    1. I guess I am a Die hard romantic, that is why you see the poem... The smitten part is true... I was smitten by the movie - You've Got Mail. The inspiration to this poem.



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