A Tear, That Didn't Speak At All.

I remember the last time I suffered the fall,
Fear and anger is what I distinctly recall;
And then a drop of water came to mend it all,
A tiny little tear that didn’t speak at all.

How I came this far, in words I cannot explain,
But at the end of that fall began excruciating pain.
The heart summed up the agony, the pain and frustration of it all,
A tiny tear emerged from the eye, rolled down the cheek, ready to fall.

The heart had to let go, it had to survive,
Unfortunately, it was the last time I would cry.

At last, the tear made its final call;
It left the face, and was destined to fall.
The tear didn’t say a word, yet it’s voice I could hear,
“Don’t give in to this pain”, it said, “don’t die in fear”.

But the mind gave in, the ego took revenge,
Broke a thousand hearts, brought a thousand tears.
Now I wish I could take the tear back again,
Feel the agony, once again feel the pain.

A thousand tears for one is not a worthy gain,
I just want to be human again.

~ A Poem By Pranav

1 comment:

  1. again an exceptional piece, Pranav. a tear that could stop all.

    Thanks Fizz for hosting him



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