I Can't Bear This Silence

I can’t bear this silence,
It seems to haunt me everywhere,
I used to love the noise of people talking anywhere.

Kids playing,
Couples fighting,
Dancing on the floor.

But never the sound of a blast.
Or the sound of panic,
Screams and rushes.

For a few moments,
I couldn’t believe what hit me,
But the blood gushing thru my head.

I awoke up in the hospital,
And all I can hear now is the silence,
Which since the moment has been haunting me?

I speak, I shout,
But I am completely lost,
I am lucky to be alive they say.

The doctor says, I might not hear again,
That means, I won’t hear my wife call out my name,
Or even when my daughter speaks to me.

I bang the table loudly,
Everyone looks at me,
They will never understand my agony.

~ A Poem By Fizz



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