I Miss The Feeling

I miss the feeling of being complete,
Though there’s nothing at all missing in my life.

I miss that one special hug that could ease all the tension & grief,
Though I’ve innumerable people,
Who genuinely support me in times of need.

I miss that one awaited call or text during the day,
Though my phone doesn’t stop ringing ,
Until its battery gives away.

I miss the feeling of being,
The most special person in someone’s life,
Though there are people who say I’m special to them.

It’s not often that I get this feeling,
But when I do,
I don’t know what I’m Actually missing in my life.

~ A Poem By Pranav 


  1. Pranav, you understand feelings so well! I am amazed the way you have given voice to them. yearning for love.....bared to bone....exceptional!

  2. Wow...simply awsome..can only be understood by sm1 who's going thru dis



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