The Big Fight

So I sit down and talk to you,
And tell you my whole story,
You smile and then you don't react,
Wonder if you didn't wanna listen, why did you ask?

I just keep staring,
Waiting for you to react,
But when a few minutes later,
I don't hear a word, I just begin to cry.

Is it true, That you no longer love me?
Is it true, That you no longer care?
Is the silence the only answer I will get,
Or there's something else, you wanna say?

You look at me, as if you just cant believe,
The words that I just happened to say,
"Women", you say, "I can't understand".
"Men", I say, "just don't listen".

I shout, you shout.
I scream, you walk out of the door.
You come back later, not knowing what to say,
I am still angry with you for leaving me midway.

You try helping me with my work,
You give me a hug and apologize,
I forgive you this time,
Cause I love you so much.

I wish you were always this way,
But if impossible was possible, I would be the queen,
I am just waiting for you to understand me,
Till then its just us and our fights.....

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. It is al right fighting if fights end on a sweet note....nicely written!

    1. Thats the problem with fights na... You never know how they will end... :)

  2. good thing which i believe am may be short of words at times...but certainly they don't lack emotions...they feel the same way as anybody's only that they don't know how to express...!!!

    1. Anjan, thanks for that input. And I totally agree with you. But I guess, what a man needs to know is that its not too difficult to at least tell your partner that - "He just doesnt know how to react".

      I mean, we girls do get totally confused and then panic and then go all over the place.

  3. well alls well that ends well for sure ..




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