Waiting For You

I am waiting on a cross road for you,
Waiting for you to realize,
Before it’s too late,
For me to turn back time.

I may be a magician,
But definitely not a miracle work,
So do hurry up before I am gone,
Cause it gets harder to stand this long.

I may be a friend,
But definitely not a lover yet,
So do walk fast,
Cause its getting darker than before.

I may be an angel,
But definitely not a goddess,
So do get some love with you,
Cause I might just be running out of it.

I am waiting on a cross road for you,
Running out of patience, running out of Love,
I don't really know,
How long I will be waiting this way.

Cause the wait seems too long,
And my journey is too short,
So hurry up before I move away,
So hurry up before I run out of time.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. its awesome :) :)

  2. Hurry up before it's too late! Catch me soon!

    I love reading your poems! Your works are simple(easily understandable), neat and beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks Sri Valli... You are an inspiration... :)



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