Why I Hate The Colour Red?

I hate the colour red,
You ask me why,
Don’t blame me,
But this is how it starts.

A scarlet dress,
And some flowers in hand,
I walked towards him,
To tell him the truth.

I had practiced it,
A few times now,
How I would have confessed,
My love for him.

There he was standing,
All decked up,
So Cheerfully,
I stood just in front of him.

Before I could say anything,
He took the flowers,
A sudden hug,
And then caught my hand.

I didn’t know,
How to react,
But then I heard him say,
"Thank You".

Before I could go on,
He took a girls name,
And then went on to tell how he was in love,
But with someone else.

I still have that scarlet dress,
But haven't worn it since,
And that’s the reason,
I have always hated RED.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. Ahhh!! Lovely poem! She hates it because memories get attached to that color...Reminded me a scene from Kal ho na ho!...Beautifully written!

    1. Thanks Sri... The poem has actually been inspired by Kal Ho Na Ho... Dont you just love that movie? Well, I do.

  2. I agree with Valli, It immediately reminded me of PZ going to SRK's house wearing red, flowers in hand...Nice poem.

    1. Meenakshi, exactly... The very scene... I felt so sad, when I saw that scene recently and what inspired me became the base for this poem... :)

  3. ahhh...doesn't it sound sooo familiar?? One of my favourite movies - Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai - Anjali running up to Rahul to confess her love for him and then getting heart broken when he speaks of Rani's name?!

    Oh, but I hope this didn't happen to you! Red dresses look killer ;)

    1. Awwwwhhhhh, that scene. It broke my heart. How about you Chhavi?

      This did happen to me. But not in such a way. Maybe, I need to write a poem on that...

      And I do agree, Red dresses look killer...

  4. Yes, similar hues visible here from popular film culture.
    Red is also the symbol of anger, jealousy and danger. If the protagonist has shed the color red, I'm hoping she has also shed these qualities.
    Nice poem Fizz.
    Are you fond of the color red or hate it?



    1. "If the protagonist has shed the color red, I'm hoping she has also shed these qualities." *grins* Point, Jay!

    2. Jay and Chhavi, red over here and as I see it, is a colour of LOVE... not anger, jealousy or danger...

      So now that the protagonist has shed the colour red, she has actually given up on Love. She HATES LOVE. Sad, but true.

      I love the colour red. and I am sure, Chhavi likes it too...

      Thanks for the pointers both of you, I love the chitchat, that we are having here.

    3. @ Chhavi...
      Thank you :)
      So, now that Fizz has asked you, which color do you like?

    4. @ Fizz...

      Hmmm....Hates love....that reminds me of the song, "I hate you like I love you' from Delhi Belly. Paradoxical in nature. :)

    5. Jay, It is... In fact I love that song...
      I mean, I sing it often, specially the "Current marti hai" part... For one of my friends (who has got a very terrible anger)

    6. Hmm, I see....
      I hope you don't have any electric impulses flowing through you or else the keyboard might get zapped and we won't be treated to such wonderful poetry. :) :) :)

  5. nice theme --nice read and I wont say that it reminds me of those movies ---because nearly every comment has said that ---loved reading it

  6. fizz loved the poem - and kal ho na ho is my fav movie -i love it :) :) awesome read :) :)

  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well but look at it in another way , there is still someone out there who would love to see you in red .. so why give it up ..

    a beautiful poem though ..


    1. Awwwwhhhh.... Thats so nice of you, Bikramjit.
      I am sure, there will be some one out there... But I guess, it will take some time before she starts wearing red.

  8. You have enough reasons to murder the colour red I guess. :)

  9. Red makes you see red, it seems!

    But red is so connected with the other word in your poem .. Love!

    Maybe you need to wear tinted glasses to avoid seeing that colour.

  10. nice poem.. wwhole story beautifully compiled..



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