Because You Are Not There Anymore...

I look at a photograph of yours,
And I thought I was strong,
That I had mourned enough,
And that I had moved on.

But a tear whelms in my eye,
And as it trickles,
Through my face,
I recall every detail about us.

And I miss the feeling of warmth and protection,
Of being loved and being in love,
Of being understood and touched,
Of feeling good and inspired.

And I know that you are not there any more,
But I so wish you were,
Because I feel all crumbled and lost,
And you are not there to fix that any longer.

I cry myself to sleep,
Hoping that someday in the future,
I will have sorted everything out,
And days like these will just be memories.

~A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz, © 2013


  1. Sad feelings :(
    But beautifully expressed poem!

    1. Love can be one of the most horrible ways to die I can imagine. Most times it's described like a Romantic Comedy sometimes it is and other...

    2. True BYP... Love gives us hope and takes away it too.... It makes us strong and week too... Its a tragedy and a romantic comedy too... Anyways, Take care...

  2. story..u r having sm telepathy wid me..seems like writing my feelings out..had a breakup with him...all of a sudden..with blames..though angry bt still want him 2 b happy..atleast d gal in poem had a pic i dnt hv dat either..its only in my memory which bring tears into my eyes every now n den...jst hope sm day he too realise wat he meant 2 me...keep writing..

    1. Hey... Sorry to hear about your break up. I am sure it has been tough. Be strong. And take care.



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