So, What To Do?

I look at you everyday, 
And I want to tell you, 
So many things, 
But I guess you don’t see me the way I do, 
So, what to do? 

I tell my heart to find someone else, 
Cause I know you seem,
To be somewhat, 
So, what to do? 

I try and see, 
Who else could be, 
The person who makes my heart melt, 
The person to be my Valentine, 
So, what to do? 

I do my work, 
And Take a chill, 
But no matter how hard I try, 
My heart comes back to you, 
So, what to do? 

Could it not be, 
That you cannot see me, 
Or the fact, 
That you mean the world to me, 
So, what to do? 

Whether to tell you, 
Or to wait, 
Maybe someday you will realize, 
Till that day, 
I really don’t know what to do.

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. Simple and straight lines from the heart Fizz...Beautifully written. Yes, we can't move on easily sometimes!



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