This Could Be My Last Letter

We look great together,
Some even say we are made for each other.
She wants to be with me and I long to be with her,
In her eye, I See, I do see my future.

But is that enough, is that all?
What about our petty issues?
“I didn’t message & you didn’t call,
I love you more, but you don’t care”.

When I get angry, you get frightened,
My tone and my stare,
Will I love you the same way?
 You are not sure!

Baby you got to trust me,
I got no words but that’s the only cure,
You are not convinced; I don't see it in your eyes,
If it was Love you should by now be touching the skies.

Your fear, inhibitions, doubts.
I swear I tried my best,
No luck! In your heart they have made a permanent nest,
I know you too are trying hard to make it work.

But I am convinced; it’s my fault,
What a Jerk I am,
May be you are right,
I am not your man, you deserve someone better.

Listen to your heart and keep walking,
This could be my last Letter.

~A Poem By Pranav

1 comment:

  1. You bring out different emotions of love so brilliantly in your poems. Lack of trust and insecurity can kill the feelings involved in a relationship.



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