Sometimes I see that you are not looking at me.
And that’s when I realize, that all this is a LIE.

I look at you and pray thru,
I wish this wasn’t happening and none of this was TRUE.

I say nothing and continue talking,
But somehow it is at the back of my head,
Is this what I get for all my love,
oh, I wish I was DEAD.

I dismiss all my thoughts, close my eyes and hope,
Hope that I just cant see it in your eyes,
It’s just a mistake and not some LIES.

I tease you and act as if nothing was ever bad,
And when you act in a manner that is so cold,
My Heart breaks and everything seems so SAD.

I try and try and try, I never wanted it to end this way,
To Hell!!!! I had never dreamt of such a DAY.

My dreams of our Home just lay Shattered,
And with it, the pieces of my Heart lay SCATTERED.

To this very day, I remain confused,
Oh Why did this have to happen to me,
For the wounds of my Heart remains UNHEALED....

~A Poem By Fizz


  1. I like these lines, " My dreams of our Home just lay Shattered/And with it, the pieces of my Heart lay SCATTERED"
    Nice poetry.

    1. Those are my favourite lines too... :)

  2. Hi Fizz,

    The coldness in the lines match the cold winter season upon us. Beautiful poetry once again.

    You done making your snowman outside? :)


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    1. Hey... I love the weather...

      No, Snow over here... But I wish!!!!

  3. Sad, but beautifully written Fizz!

  4. Beautiful words ...c'mon why should you b dead ??

  5. Nice 1..bt u r gng 2 make me cry..everytime i open ur blog d poem,i dnt knw hw,but resembles my cndtn...this feeling..god it hurts like anything..nd d silence..well like The silence never break by pranav....hw much i wanted him 2 understnd my cndtn..bt his cold hearted silence is wat i get...

    1. Dont cry Anonymous... Pls don't cry... Be strong and let go. Please let go.



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