Wont Be Waiting.....No More

I got to tell you something,
I simply cannot wait,
For you to realize anything,
Or how much I want you in my fate.

Love means to be there for each other,
So how come its only me being there for you,
Love means to be taking care of everything,
So how come only you are the one feeling so special?

I want to be loved,
Swept up my feet,
Told how much I mean to you,
But I guess, its already too late.

If you thought I would have kept waiting,
You are so wrong,
I am not a door mat,
Not even your slave.

Love and patience is all I gave,
Waiting for you to grow up someday,
To see me beyond the friend that I was,
Today, I celebrate my freedom.

I don't want you pulling me down,
I may be alone today,
But I am definitely not lonely.
So good bye.....

- A Poem By Fizz


  1. Yes, one can't wait forever! Beautifully written Fizz

    1. Thanks Sri... Its always feels so good to get your feedback. :)

  2. yeah rite ,i can relate :) kudos

  3. Beautifully put without being rude. Despite the fact that it is the hardest to bid adieus to someone whose attention and love you crave the most.

    1. Thank you Himani... I am glad you like the manner in which I have expressed the thoughts.



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