A Ray Of Hope

A ray of hope,
Trickles through the window,
Over my face.

I walk towards it,
Trying to see the daylight,
Catch it and steal it for myself.

I have been through,
Some dark days,
And now I want to live.

So I try to hold it in my hands,
I promise to myself,
I will let it reflect through me.

And suddenly, I start to smile,
Basking in its glory.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. A ray of hope can change our mood! Beautiful lines Fizz!

  2. sometimes a ray of hope is all we need...very thoughtful lines...:)

  3. very nice writing... its inspirational too...

    the most important thing in your writing is that " you write simple things in simple words but your poems has deep meaning " which is a sign of an epitome...

    just keep that flow in your work... all the best..

    1. Thanks Ashish!!!

      I appreciate your thoughts and hope that I dont change too ;)

      Take care.



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