You breathe life into my mornings,
With warmth, caressing my sleep-laden eyes,
And as I soak myself in your bounty,
My day wakes up, and my spirits arise.

Sunshine, you walk with me hand in hand,
Never dost thou leave me, be it light or shade,
My sprint and stroll become happier,
As I tread on paths where you're laid.

I absorb you with all my being
My eyes, my lips, my thin little palm,
I wonder when night's thick black darkness,
Makes way for you and my morning alarm.

Sunshine, come permeate my soul,
And let not the clouds blacken my skies,
I shall find my flame in you,
And bask in your glow, forever to come.

~ A Poem by written especially for "The Poet's Alley".

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