Worry, Got Me.

When you have been worried,
For most of your life,
It’s very scary to finally let go.

To suddenly feel no torture,
No guilt, no pain,
Free from all the clutter.

For sometime still,
You are in a shock,
And then it suddenly dawns on you.

What do you do next,
With all the free time,
That you can give to yourself?

You shout, you scream,
Because this is a feeling,
You do not figure anymore.

The change is profuse for you,
So you sit there, starting to worry,
And this apprehension.

That you had got rid of,
Is back to haunt you,
But this once, you welcome it.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. Worries eat into the vitals of the mind. Nice poetry, beautifully composed.

  2. you capture feelings and their impact on human psyche very well. well penned.

    1. Human Psyche... well I am trying my best Meenakshi...

  3. Simple, but profound. Worry is no friend of anyone.



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