Do You Have It In You?

I am thinking,
What would you say,
To see me with an,
Unhappy face.

Would you wonder,
What happened to me?
Or would you try,
And rescue me?

What if I told you,
I wanna feel some joy,
Do you think,
You know a joke,
That will not,
Make me cry?

I am thinking,
Do you have it in you,
To change the fate,
Of a girl in distress?

Would you try,
And run away?
Or would you turn into,
Someone like me?

What if I told you,
Of all the people gone by,
Only you could see,
The broken smile,
The rest I leave to you,
Do you have it in you?

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. Reflections of a longing mind, really poetic.

  2. Wooo .. .a nice one .... words falling in place and the tempo was on track ! i am bookmarking this one !

    1. Hahaha.... Azi, need to hear your part of the story... :)

  3. a true friend would always be there...

    1. I wish it was only about friendship... But yes, in Friendship we are more sympathetic and undiscriminating... :)

  4. If he truly loves her, he would say yes! :)

    1. True... If he truly loves her, he would say a yes.... :)

  5. This isn't a poem, it's a song! The flow and tempo are just spot on!

  6. wow !! do u have it in u ?? just speechless..intense love poems are your copyrights :)
    a complain- small one ... there are so many ppl who adore your work .. even I have been here so many times... why dont u respond back to ur fans ? :)

    1. Thank God for a complaint!!!!!

      Wow, thanks for all the appreciation... I am really honoured. Let me answer to your question. If by responding back you mean replying to the comments, then I must admit that I reply 100% to all the comments personally. But I do admit at times it is not immediately. For that I must apologize. Apart from that, I really do not know what you mean by "responding back". If it is something else, then do let me know.



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