I Am A Woman, Hear Me Roar

I am a Woman,
Hear me roar,
I am a mother,
A daughter, A wife,
A sister, A lover,
A teacher, A student,
I am everything together,
So complete and yet so fragile.

What would life be,
Without me? I ask,
I am the birth giver,
One half of every child,
Respect me and the land,
Shall be divine.

For years now,
Misunderstood, disrespected,
By fools.
Rape, discrimination,
Uneducated, all this and more,
Speaks a lot, But not of me,
Its of people who don't know,
The power, the grit of a woman.

At times, I feel ashamed,
Of how people think of me,
And yet I know, I set
My Own Boundaries.
Its time I say, I stood for me,
For everything I am,
And much more than anything,
Anyone will ever know.

I am a Woman,
Hear me roar.

~ A Poem By Fizz


  1. I don't remember reading such a beautifully written poem on a Women! I just felt all the more proud being a lady after reading this one.. Keep writing!

    1. Wow... I am glad, you found the poem so Inspiring... I think we as girls/women/society need to be proud of the Beautiful people that we are and need to support each other... :)

  2. "Woman is the protecress of life and creatrix too. She is the life of our life, and the soul of sweetness." says one of the renowned Tamil poets Suramania Bharati. Your poetry just reminds me of these lines.

    1. Great words by a great Poet - Suramania Bharati. Touchwood.

  3. Beautifully portrayed.
    Loved your blog :)

    Take Care

  4. "I am everything together,
    So complete and yet so fragile."

    I loved these lines, defines women beautifully! Beautifully written Fizz!

    1. Wow... I am glad you loved those lines... I just wish sometimes, that we had more strength physically too... :)

  5. You roar so beautifully, woman! :-)

  6. Now everyone could hear you roar after reading this



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