Righteous Death

I see a drowning girl,
And I think of helping her,
So I cast away,
But then in a moment of time.

I see myself drowning too.
What can I do? I ask myself,
Die trying to rescue the girl,
Or save myself instead,
I didn’t want to be a hero.

Just wanted to do what was right,
So I think again, Can I live with a,
Guilty dying conscience,
By my Life and that sets my pace?

I try to salvage her,
In whichever case,
What good would a dead soul be?
I would rather die a,
Righteous death.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. It's the struggle of a mind to be of help to a dying soul but then the mind, true to is color, begins to think about self. Fantastic Fizz, like the composition.

  2. a dilemma...where ideally we choose to live with a guilt than die with pride ...life is the last bet one would like to take .. even though we know we are mortals ... nice poem !!!

  3. Really like this poem.. would read some more of your creations later! :)



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