I Want To Tell You

I want to tell you, That I wish,
You could be stronger,
Accept me for who I am,
And fight for me,
With the rest of the world.

But the problem with you is,
That you keep having,
Conflicts within,
I guess you don’t believe,
In me or you.

I want to tell you,
That you need to let go,
Of the past and be there,
For your future.

But I keep quiet,
Because I need you to,
Realize these things for yourself,
Right now, all I can do is,
Believe that you will someday,
Be My Man.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. few, take time deciding ...but when they have .. there is no ifs and buts :)

  2. I guess we need to open up when the person never realizes....Beautiful lines Fizz!

  3. We invest so less in the present which is why our future is always screwed up which eventually becomes our past someday.....
    Awesome lines darling......



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