Regret, Regret, Regret

I know of a Man,
I treated in such a way,
That I finally pushed him away,
Even today, I recall,
Him and his thoughtfulness.

But I was too busy,
To care enough for him,
And at an age,
To see no pain.

But my folly then,
Is paid by my loneliness,
So even if you seem,
All too in a hurry,
A smile or a word wouldn’t cost too much.

Many a people would I be,
Surrounded with,
But lost them to a cause,
I don’t believe in anymore.

So yes! I can give many an excuse,
But the time won’t come back,
Nor will the people
All one will be left with is,
Regret, Regret, Regret.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. We often regret the wrong we did in situations where emotions were on a high ... and this lead to devastation of peace of mind ! Well composed Fizz !

    1. I agree Az... These are the times, when having friends around is so helpful... :)

  2. Very well written.Loved reading it
    Tough I have learned not to regret anything in life as I believe what happens is always for good and there's always a reason behind it..

  3. It needs courage to own our mistakes or call a spade a spade. Nice compose.

    1. Well said, Arumugamji... It truly needs courage... :)

  4. people once go by they seldom come again...hurting but it's the truth of life

  5. struck a raw chord with me...brought back something from old memory reading this..and yes the last line kind of sums up the whole thing....very well written

    1. I am so sorry to hear that, little princess... But like Arumugamji said earlier -"It needs courage to own our mistakes or call a spade a spade". :)

  6. Lovely poem dear! Sometimes, we realize the importance of the person after losing them.
    Ah!! Having regrets is such a heavy feeling!



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