You Are Better Than This

You are better than this,
I know that you hear my voice,
But I want you to listen to my words,
And start believing in yourself.

I know Life is tough,
And there are people doubting you,
And there are fingers being pointed,
You seem lost and in fear.

So for this once, just hear,
What I have to say,
Believe in yourself,
You are better than you imagine.

See the goodness in you,
And care not for the world,
But for you.
I know that sounds selfish.

But only the strong can help others,
And fight for the weak,
Don’t give up so early,
Dark clouds may be here to stay.

But soon there will be showers,
These days will pass by too,
All you will be left with, is YOU,
And the belief that is holding YOU.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. very apt .. thoughtful and amazing poetry yet again Fizz .. Super Like !!

  2. Motivating and inspirational...there's nothing i believe which can't be achieved if you believe in yourself...!!!

  3. Such a nice and wonderful poem.....

  4. Wonderful motivational lines..



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