You Spoilt It All

We were good friends,
Till you went ahead,
And spoilt it all.

How do you think,
This will end?
I just wanted us to be friends.

Did I ever,
Say something more?
I was clear from the very beginning.

Then why put the blame on me?
You were the one,
Who stepped the line.

How can I be the person,
Who doesn't understand?
Everything I did was in friendship.

Now that I look at all the memories,
I don’t know what to think,
Was there a reason for everything you did?

I know you expect us to be fine,
But I can’t do this anymore,
Parting ways would be way easier.

We were the best as friends,
But you spoilt it all,
When you said - You Love Me.

~ A Poem By Fizz

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  1. The relationship status is complicated....

  2. Always a bad idea... Realized it the hard way so I know what you mean.

  3. Friendship is fine, but going beyond that is fraught with problems.

  4. Yes, this poem is dedicated to all the confused souls who think that friendship is the first step to love ! what say Fizz?

    1. Totally agree... I do not really know whether friendship is the first step or the last step... But I do know that it is a necessary step in Love... AZ.

  5. It's a problem going on for centuries...and it will go on...timeless in the future as well...there's a fine line which differentiates friendship and love when it includes two different genders...and one doesn't even know at times that they have stepped a foot across friendship opening the flood gates of all the problem...!!!

  6. Friendship between men and women is always tricky because of the love factor..... Most of us could not accept that a boy and a girl can only be good friends.....

    1. Thats true... Thanks to the infinite films that help to strengthen this thought.

  7. The line between friendship and love and when someone cross it. Beautiful poem. Simple and heart touching.

    1. Thank you so much Saru... I always look forward to your feedback... They are always so encouraging..



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